Lodigrana Bella Lodi

Lodigrana Bella Lodi

Grana tipico lodigiano dalla caratteristca crosta nera.

Bella Lodi is a traditional Grana cheese made with Lodi cow's milk characterized by its peculiar black rind. Excellent as a starter or grated on delicious dishes. More info.
Size: 1 Kg

Lodigrana Bella Lodi

Bella Lodi is the Grana with the peculiar black rind, traditional from the Lodi area. White-coloured and with an intense and fragrant aroma. It is a cheese that is well-known because it is easy to digest. Suitable for everyone: young and old people.
Storage: In the fridge or cellar
Pairing: Perfect as a starter and excellent with cured meat and walnuts. It can be pared with a medium-bodied wine.
Milk: cow milk
How it's made: Freshly drawn milk is poured in basins where whey is added. It is then left in copper boilers where it heats up and the natural rennet is added. Once the curd is ready, it is cut by hand and the temperature is increased. The cheese is then laid in the molds. Only those shapes that pass each of the several checks will become Bella Lodi and will be coloured in black.
Aging: Long
Size: 1 Kg

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