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Ruliano 24 months Parma Ham

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Ruliano Top Quality Parma Ham is the selection of salumificio Ruliano. This ham is matured for 24 months before being released on the market and savored by the most demanding palates. Sweet and delicate Parma Ham is produced without the use of any preservative.

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Size: 10 kg c.a.
Provenienza:Emilia Romagna

Ruliano 24 months Parma Ham

Parma Ham Ruliano Top Quality 24 months is the top product from Ruliano. The work is ancient and handed down for 2 generations, Father Giuseppe has handed down the art of producing Parma Ham to his son Daniele. During production of Parma Ham Ruliano Top Quality 24 months The thighs are carefully selected, only the best will be part of the Top Quality 24 months line, no preservatives and additives are used. The territory is one of the keys to the success of the Parma Ham: the hills of Parma are characterized by a mild climate with dry and delicate air. In this context, natural maturing of the Parma Ruliano Ham gives the unmistakable sweetness and Delicacy to this precious salami loved throughout Italy and abroad.

Storage: To be stored in a cool and dry place.
Pairing: Greatly consumed in purity, accompanied by fried dumplings and simply from bread. Great match with Lambrusco or Bonarda.
How it's made: The production of the Parma ham is highly regulated by strict procedural guidelines developed by the Consortium of the producers, in the full respect of the tradition. The exclusivity of this cured meat starts with the selection of the pigs, which must be from one breed, the Large White Ladrance and Duroc, fed with high quality animal feed, such as whey from the Parmigiano Reggiano. The legs are refrigerated in specific rooms for 24 hours and then they are 'trimmed', that means the fat parts and the rind are taken off, giving the leg its classic round shape. This shape is also convenient for the next step: salting. This is a delicate and complex phase where experts hand cover the leg with salt and the difficulty is in using the salt (humid on the rind and dry on the parts with no fat) when the leg has reached a perfect and homogenous temperature. Afterwards the legs are stored in a refrigerating room for 15-18 months and, after they have washed and covered them again with salt, they rest in an other refrigerating room for the same amount of time. At the end of this time, the resting salt is removed and the legs rest. After more than 60 days, the legs are washed with lukewarm water to remove impurities and excess salt(remains) and they are left to dry on the sun during chill and windy days. They are then hung at the scalere, a type of shelf located in a specific rooms which are well-aired and suitable for a natural, constant and gradual drying. Next step is the 'sugnatura' (greasing), where the leg is covered with the sugna, a paste of fat and grained pepper, to soften the upper layers of the meat. Starting from the 7th month, the Parma ham can be put in cellars, these special rooms for the curing are key for the development of the flavours and aromas typical of the Parma ham. Only after one year and several checks later, that are carried out by the Inspectors of the Quality Institute of Parma, the Prosciutto crudo di Parma can finally be branded and released on the market.
Aging: Long
Size: 10 kg c.a.

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