Mariska extra virgin olive oil

Mariska extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil: selling the Mariska olive oil by Oleificio Stante online

The Elios Extra Virgin olive oil is a blend of olives from Molise and Abruzzo. Olive oil with a great character, excellent with full of flavour dishes  More info.

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Mariska extra virgin olive oil

Mariska extra virgin olive oil is made with a blend of different cultivars such as; Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoiano, Pendolino and Gentile. The olives used for this extra virgin olive oil come from trees mostly located in Molise. Olives are pressed within 12 hours after the picking. Blending is carried out by the Stante brothers straight after the extraction.
Taste: This extra virgin olive oil shows a sensory profile which is medium persistent, fruity and with good body. It is sweet at first and it ends with strong pungent and bittern notes. Its colour is green with yellow nuances.
Storage: Keep the olive oil in a dry place and far from the light.
Pairing: Mariska olive oil goes very well with tasty dishes such as grilled and roasted meat, cereals and vegetable soups by enhancing their flavours.
How it's made: The production of the olive oil begins when the olives are brought to the mill. The leaves are removed with an automatic defoliator. The olives are then washed and pressed. The pressing is the first phase of the real extraction, when the olives are crushed. Oleificio Stante carries out the pressing with two different machines; one with vertical disks which will deliver an olive oil with stronger and more intense flavours, and another machine for a softer pressing of the olives, which have been unpitted first. The result of the pressing is an olive paste. Then malaxing takes place, a process where the bigger oil molecules are condensed, at a temperature below 27°C in order to preserve the aromas and the quality of the olive oil. Finally the olive oil is cold-pressed by centrifugation still at a temperature below 27°C.

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