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The world of citrus fruits is a kaleidoscope of bright colours, heady scents and strong flavours. So much variety, however, contains a common thread: the wealth of vitamin C, a fundamental ally of our immune system.

Citrus fruits are in fact a real health panacea, thanks to their antioxidant and purifying properties. Incorporating them into our daily diet helps strengthen our immune defences, fight free radicals and aid digestion.

But citrus fruits are not just health! Their versatility in the kitchen makes them protagonists of delicious dishes and creative recipes. From morning juices to homemade jams, from lemon-flavoured fish to desserts with fragrant peel, each season offers us different citrus fruits to bring a touch of freshness and flavour to the table at all times.

Citrus fruits in the kitchen: a thousand uses and delicious recipes 

From breakfast to dessert, via main dishes and side dishes, citrus fruits are versatile and valuable ingredients in the kitchen. Their lively character lends itself to endless culinary experimentation, giving each recipe a fresh touch and an unmistakable aroma.

Citrus fruits for sweet and savoury dishes

Juices and juices 
A must-have classic for a vitamin boost in the morning is freshly squeezed juice. Oranges, grapefruits, mandarins and even lemons can be made into healthy juices to be enjoyed pure or in mixed smoothies.

Fragrant peels for desserts and meat 
Citrus peel, rich in fragrant essential oils, is a secret ingredient for lending an irresistible aroma to many dishes. Finely grated, lemon or orange zest enhances cakes, biscuits and custards, while lime or grapefruit zest goes perfectly with roasted meats and marinades.

Fresh dressings for salads and fish 
Citrus juice is the ideal base for preparing light and tasty dressings for summer salads and fish dishes. An emulsion of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt gives freshness and flavour, while the addition of herbs such as parsley or basil can further customise the dressing.

Homemade jams
Fragrant and wholesome, citrus jams are a delight for breakfast and snack time. Oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits lend themselves to being made into delicious preserves, to be spread on toast or to fill tarts and cakes.

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Buying fresh, quality citrus fruits is the first step to bringing all the goodness and beneficial properties of these fruits to the table. At [name of your ecommerce] we carefully select citrus fruits from Italian cultivations, guaranteeing freshness and respect for seasonality.

 Guaranteed quality and freshness
We only select citrus fruits that meet high quality standards, sourced from trusted suppliers who pay attention to sustainable cultivation methods. Thanks to the short supply chain that sets us apart, the fruit arrives at your doorstep quickly, keeping its organoleptic characteristics intact.

 Discover our offers 
On our website you can find a wide selection of citrus fruits to suit your every taste. From classic oranges, tangerines and lemons to more unusual varieties such as pink grapefruits and fragrant citrons, you can choose your favourite citrus fruits individually or opt for our convenient mixed boxes.

Mixed boxes are a perfect idea for experimenting with new flavours in the kitchen and discovering the versatility of citrus fruits. Each box consists of a careful selection of seasonal fruits, with balanced quantities to suit your needs.

Inoltre, tieni sempre d'occhio le nostre offerte speciali e promozioni stagionali. Potrai acquistare i tuoi agrumi preferiti a prezzi vantaggiosi e fare scorta di vitamine e gusto tutto l'anno

Frequently asked questions about citrus fruits

How to recognise fresh citrus fruits? 
Choosing citrus fruits at the peak of freshness is essential to enhance their flavour and nutritional properties. Here are some tips:

Weight: a fresh citrus fruit should be heavy in relation to its size. Light fruits may be dehydrated or hollow inside.
Skin: the skin has to be firm and free of bruises or wrinkles. Avoid fruits with soft spots or mould.
Scent: fresh citrus fruits give off an intense citrus aroma. If you smell nothing or notice an unpleasant odour, it is best to leave them on the shelf.
Resistance: try pressing the peel lightly with your fingers. A fresh fruit should be slightly yielding, but not soft.
 Is it possible to freeze citrus fruits? (Can I freeze citrus fruits?)
Yes, it is possible to freeze the juice and rind of citrus fruits. However, freezing is not suitable for the whole fruit, which would lose its texture once thawed.

To freeze the juice, squeeze the citrus fruit and strain the juice. Pour it into airtight containers and place it in the freezer. Frozen juice will keep for several months.

The grated peel can be frozen in food bags or airtight containers. Take it out of the freezer directly at the time of use, without thawing it beforehand.

What are the health benefits of citrus fruits? 
Citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, which is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, they contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals and protect cells from damage. Citrus fruits are also a good source of fibre and can help aid digestion.

How much vitamin C do citrus fruits contain? 
The vitamin C content of citrus fruits can vary depending on the variety and season. In general, a single orange can provide the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for an adult.

Besides taste, citrus fruits are valuable allies for our health. Rich in vitamin C, they are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and help fight free radicals. The fibres contained in these fruits aid digestion and provide a sense of satiety.

Furthermore, citrus fruits are a low-calorie and refreshing food, ideal for those following a healthy and balanced diet. Incorporating citrus fruits into your daily diet is an easy and tasty way to take care of yourself.

Enjoy them in wedges at breakfast, add a few slices to your salad or prepare a vitamin-rich juice to start your day with a burst of energy. The ways to enjoy the benefits of citrus fruits are endless, so let your imagination inspire you and discover the power of taste and well-being in each fruit.


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