Barbera: uno dei vitigni iconici del nord Italia

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One of the most famous vines of the viticultural landscape of northern Italy is definitely Barbera. This vine produces very pleasant wines with very precise and almost unmistakable characteristics. The Barbera wine is an intense ruby ​​red color with fragrant aromas and decided very clean and vinous. In the mouth Barbera wine has the characteristic of being very fresh with a strong acidity given precisely by the genetic characteristics of the variety, and is basically not astringent but has a very lingering finish. For years Barbera wine has always been considered a wine to be consumed young or as an excellent complement for a blend. The region where this vine is more widespread is certainly Piedmont where Barbera is a wine of great importance as Barbera d'Alba DOC or Barbera d'Asti DOCG which is cultivated with low yields to allow the accumulation of more valuable substances and give more structured wines. Barbera is also very cultivated in Lombardy, where it is often present as a blend wine in many denominations and in Veneto which used for the same purpose.


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