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Lombardy is one of the Italian regions with the widest dairy tradition, in fact cheeses from Lombardy are several and different from each other. The main reason is due to the soil and climate peculiarity and this is also one of the causes for the great variety of Lombardy cheeses. Among the most important cheeses we have to mention Gorgonzola cheese whose name derives from the homonymous town near Milan, the grana Padano cheese which is produced in the well-known Po plain. Getting closer to the Alps, nearby mountainous areas, we find the Bitto and the Branzi cheeses. Soft cheeses are also very famous, like Stracchino, typical of the area of Montevecchia, and the well-known Taleggio DOP produced in Val Taleggio. Pasture cows of alpine mountains cheeses are quite different from those produced in goat farms. FoodExplore recommends you lots of these well-known Lombardy cheeses, discover them one by one!


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  1. Scimudìn cheese

    Scimudìn cheese

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