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Also for the white wine, each Italian region has different grape varieties which characterized the wine-growing and wine-making scene of the Italian peninsula. From aromatic white wines, like those produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia, to the wines produced upland, like those from Trentino. Important varieties are the Kerner Riesling and other wines with a great body like the ones from Piedmont or in another south-central regions. The white wines from Piedmont are famous all over the world and some of them are made with varieties such as the Arneis and Timorasso, a grape variety that is suitable also for wine-making with maceration. Noteworthy is the region of Sicily that, despite being a very hot region, is produces delicious and fresh white wines like the Grillo, Ansonica and Grecanico. Foodexplore's online wine shop is always updated with new great white wines which will delight your dinners and your evenings.


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