Formaggi Pecorino : Scopri i Tesori del Gusto Mediterraneo

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Pecorino is an Italian sheep's milk cheese. Pecorino cheeses are typical of the Mediterranean region and nowadays they are produced in almost all Italian regions. Pecorino, as most cheeses, is classified according to its aging, so it is possible to find fresh pecorino cheeses, medium and long aging ones. The most known pecorino chesses are the Roman pecorino DOP produced also in Tuscany and Sardinia. In Tuscany is famous the Cacio Rosso and Nero di Pienza, made with sheep's milk, they are all DOP products, which it means that the productions are circumscribed in well-defined areas. Pecorino is rich of proteins, and it contains little lactose, it is an healthy food if consumed with moderation. In southern Italy is typically used as side dish.


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