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The best selection of producers of italian ham prosciutto: one of the most important cured meat.
The ham in Italy is an institution, it is produced in almost every region. From prosciutto crudo such as Parma ham, to the ham and also hams made with peculiar meats such as goose or venison ham. The ham is a product that characterises the Mediterrenean diet, especially when it is produced with meat from selected livestock. The main regions for the production of ham in Italy are certaily Emilia Romagna with the Parma ham DOP, made with Italian meat. Another famous region is Friuli Venezia Giulia with its San Daniele Ham. Also Tuscany, Lombardy and other regions produce hams of different curings. In the woody and mountainous areas the ham is made with fine meat such as the venison or wild boar. An incredible fine ham is the one made with 100% goose meat by Quack. Please find below our best prices and deals to buy italian ham online.


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