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Lombardy is one of the richest region in Italy for its vineyards, where some among the best wines in the world are produced. From a geographical point of view the production areas are completely different, and they are named: Franciacorta, a very famous area for the sparkling wines production with the so called method champenois, the Oltrepo Pavese, famous for its Barbera and Croatina vineyards, but also for the Pinot Noir and for the well-known valley of Riesling. Valtellina area is very well-known thanks to Sforzato wine and for Chiavennasca as well, which is a Nebbiolo clone, used for the production of great aging wines. Increasingly popular in the last few years is the Garda area with the Lugana DOC wine, with its famous wineries Ca dei Frati and Ca Maiol. Last but not the least we find the smaller wine areas of Capriano del Colle and Terre Larian between the cities Brianza and Bergamo.


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