Salumi calabresi: La tradizione culinaria della Calabria

The Best Cured Meat From Calabria Online

The cured meat from Calabria are well-known all over Italy and the world. The peculiarity of this cured meat is the use of chillie during the production. The Calabria diet is rich of this spice; very famous is the spicy chillie from Soverato. Most of the Calabria cured meat contains this spice, such as the Nduja, a spreadable spicy cured meat made with pork meat and chillie. The original Nduja is very spicy. Other well-known cured meat from Calabria are the soppressata, spicy sausage and the capocollo. The salumificio Mena makes these products following the old tradition and techniques keeping the authenticity of the product. Find out about the selection on FoodExplore, you will find many traditional cured meat from Calabria, from salami to Nduja.

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