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Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean. Sicilian cuisine is probably the richest and the most diverse of the entire Italian peninsula. Many of the traditional Sicilian products are well-known all over the world. A large amount of Sicilian recipes have their origins dating back to ancient times and so Sicilian cuisine has been influenced by many historical moments and conquests since the Ancient Greeks until today. The most famous Sicilian products vary from oranges and citrus fruit, to capers, tomatoes, pistacchio, oregano and sweets. Sicilian sweets have influenced the entire Italian culture, such as the Sicilian cannolo, Cassata and the Granita. Ricotta cheese and its tradition is very important and it is noticeable by the fact that it is the main ingredient of most of the Sicilian sweets and much more. Cheeses are also a main part of the Sicilian recipes, and most famous cheeses are: Caciocavallo siciliano and the Red Pecorino aged with tomatoe sauce. The region is also full of local grapes such as the Frappato, il Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Grillo and the very famous Passito di Pantelleria made with Zibibbo grapes. It is also rich in olives characterized by the cultivars of Biancolilla, Giaraffa and Moresca. The town of Marsala, besides being famous for its fortified wine named after the town, is also well-known for the salt pans from where an excellent table salt is produced and exported all over the world.


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