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The aperitif is a concept that originated in Italy; it is basically a drink that is consumed before dinner or lunch accompanied by tasty appetisers. The profound meaning of the term is to be understood in the search for a moment of conviviality that is consumed precisely before the actual meal. There are various types of aperitif cocktails that can be made by mixing different drinks such as the famous Spritz with Aperol or Campari, or the famous Spritz Hugo. In this section, you can also find proposals about ready-to-pour aperitif cocktails, which are of excellent quality and satisfying but also perfectly suited for aperitif time. Cocktail aperitifs can be alcoholic or even non-alcoholic and the drinks used for this moment are also called Bitter, not so much because they have a bitter taste but rather because bittering herbs are often used in infusion to produce these drinks.


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