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The Lazio cuisine is heavily influenced by the capital Rome. Traditional Lazio products, as is the entire Lazio cuisine, feel the effects of the historical influence of ancient Rome and the Etruscan civilization. Traditional Lazio dishes are simple and made up of genuine and tasteful ingredients, such as vegetable, cheeses, pork and sheep's meat; offal and other discarded parts of the animal are widely used. Traditional products are the Mortadella di Amatrice, which comes from the shoulder and the loin of the pork, Spianata Romana, a very tasty cured meat seasoned with salt and pepper. Regarding cheese, the Pecorino Romano DOP is very famous and is used grated on many traditional dishes or it is paired with fresh broad beans. The most famous traditional Lazio dish, also well-known outside the region, is the Porchetta di Aricciaand the Abbacchio, made with lamb meat and milk. For the wines, the most famous ones are Est Est Est and the Cannellino di Frascati. Lazio is a region of central Italy overlooking the Thyrrhenian sea and reaching the Apennines.


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