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Tuscany is not only the land of wines and excellent cured meat, but it also offers an incredible variety of cheeses made with cow's milk and especially with sheep's and goat's milk. The renowned and delicious Pecorino Toscano (Tuscan sheep's milk cheese), gets its name from the place where it is made, an example is the Black cacio from Pienza and the Red Cacio from Pienza, two aged Pecorino cheeses made with sheep's milk. In Tuscany, the designation of origin DOP is recognized for the Pecorino Toscano made with sheep's milk. The Tuscan cheeses go very well with traditional Tuscan wine such as the Brunello and Chianti Classico. Other typical Tuscan cheeses are: Tuscan caciotta made with cow's and sheep's milk, the Grande Vecchio di Montefollonico, a slightly spicy cheese aged for about one year, and many more cheeses.


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