Traditional Abruzzo Products


Abruzzo recipes are mostly characterized by bread, pasta, meat, cheese and wine. The most famous traditional Abruzzo products are: Spaghetti alla chitarra, a type of flat spaghetti which are commonly used in many Abruzzo dishes with meat and seafood, and Scrippelle teramane, similar to crepes. These are the ingredients for several traditional Abruzzo recipes. Other traditional products like the comfits from the town of Sulmona and also the famous arrosticini di pecora, skewers of sheep's meat cut in chunks by hand. On the cheese side, there are many cheese factories in the Apennines. The most well-known cheeses are the Pecorino Abruzzese and the Cacio marcetto dell'Abruzzo. Suitable for wine-growing, this region gave birth to the famous Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, a famous red wine known all over the world. Another important wine is the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, a round and fragrant white wine. Abruzzo is a peninsular region between the Adriatic sea and the Central Apennines. It gained the title of the green region of Europe thanks to its three national parks. Its cuisine is very rich and especially renowned for its traditional products, both from the sea and from the mountains.


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