Pasta di Kamut: Prezzi Speciali Online

Pasta di Kamut: Prezzi e offerte

Buy Online best Italian kamut pasta at special prices, delivery in 48/72 hours. Kamut is an Iranian-born Khorosan flour made from wheat. Kamut is nothing more than the name of the American company that sells around the world this kind of ancient wheat resulting from a region named Khorosan. Unlike the classic blends of wheat flour obtained from generic grain, Kamut is a kind of wheat with different nutritional properties, in fact, typically the Kamut is rich in minerals, such as selenium and greater amounts of vitamins. In Italy the Kamut can be cultivated only by certified organic companies and respect thi specifications. Today Kamut boasts of a strong business reputation, we want to remember that this wheat variety is grown under the name of saragalla that is an ancient grain that grows in regions like Abruzzo and Molise containing gluten therefore not suitable for celiacs.