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Sicily is a region that has everything regarding food and wine. Among the numerous products, the Sicilian sweets stand out. Sicily is one of the best and richest regions for pastry-making, which is handed down from generations to generations. Well-known and fundamental ingredient for the production of Sicilian sweets and pastries is the ricotta cheese, which is possible to find it in most of the traditional recipes such as the cannolo (from Caltanisetta), the Rollò and the cassata. Another important ingredient are the almonds, which are used for the almond paste, almond milk and the torrone. The pistachio from Bronte is another amazing ingredient used in many recipes or as garnish. Worth to be mentioned is the granita, a semi-frozen dessert paired with a croissant...Today FoodExplore offers a great number of traditional Sicilian sweets and pastries, from the Bronte chocolate to all the ingredients to make your own Sicilian cannolo.

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