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italian salami, which directly translates into cured meat or salami, is an Italian word that refers to a type of food made with raw or cooked meat with the addition of spices, salt and animal fat.The production of italian salami in Italy has ancient origins; remains of pigs were found without their hind legs, which dates back to the Etruscan era, which they were used to make the very first types of cured meat. Over time the production of italian salami started to change from region to region and each of them has been specializing in a specific cut, a type of meat and salting and curing technique. Today Italian salami consists of a great variety of products: from the Parma Ham, to the San Daniele from Friuli and Culatello from Parma. Most common are the salami made with pork meat, cut in different sizes, and seasoned with animal fat and spices such as pepper. Some types of salami are even seasoned with fennel, garlic and chilli.The most important salame is the one called Milano, the Felino from Emilia Romagna and the Cacciatorini salami. Some others famous Italian salami are: Speck, traditional from the region of Trentino Alto Adige, which is made from the raw hind legs of the pork, Bresaola della Valtellina IGP made with raw beef meat, Pancetta and Lardo made in several Italian regions. Today Foodexplore offers a great variety of online italian salami, which can satisfy even the most expert palates. Foodexplore is always looking for small cured meat producers which reflect the true expression of the Italian tradition and which mostly use their local ingredients and respect the current legislations.


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