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Umbria is a region of an untouched territory where the tourist can enjoy the quiteness of the landscape and the many traditional Umbrian products. Extremely fine are the extra virgin olive oil and the cured meat, the latter produced in Norcia (during the Roman empire its inhabitants, called norcini, were already masters of butchering and working the meat). Another product, exported worldwide, is winter and summer truffle, used to enrich the flavour of the traditional Umbrian dishes. On the wine side, the rediscovery of the local grape Sagrantino has been of great importance and it changed the Umbrian wine scene. Those producers who believed in this wine from this peculiar grapes and reinterpreted it succeeded in obtaining results never seen before in the region. It is the only region of central and southern Italy that is not connected to the sea. The geographic predominance is the never-ending succession of valleys, mountain chains and uplands.


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