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Sauces are often used in the Mediterrenean cuisine to season pasta dishes or to cook other tasty and easy-to-make dishes. Sauces usually have a base of tomatoes of different varieties and origins and they usually served with vegetables or meat, which always gives the dish different aromas and flavours. Sauces are considered the most used preserves in Italy thanks to its versatility and long shelf life. Most of these sauces are well-known all over the world, but each of them are originaly from one region. Each region produces different sauces using its own local products from its land. That is why only in Liguria we find the walnut sauce and all the different kind of pesto (even if the original and authentic one is made only with basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmeasan and pecorino cheese); in Veneto we can find many sauces with meat, especially with venison meat. The famous Amatriciana sauce, a typical Roman tomatoe sauce with pork cheek, and ragù alla bolognese, used as a pasta sauce and also in the making of lasagne.


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