Prodotti tipici sardi: eccellenza di mare e montagna

Traditional Sardinian Products

Similar to many of the Italian regions, Sardinian cuisine has been influenced and enriched by different cultures. Traditional Sardinian products are still the main ingredients for traditional Sardinian dishes, which go from roasted meat and bread to seafood and meat dishes. Fishing is still the main trade on the island providing many traditional Sardinian products such as Fregula with clams, Astice alla catalana (European lobster with tomatoes and red onions) created under the Catalan rule, Spaghetti alla bottarga and many more. Country dishes made with poor ingredients like Pane Carasau, Malloreddus (Sardinian gnocchi made with durum wheat and saffron), Porcheddu or suckling pig on the spit. Sardinian wines go perfectly with all the traditional Sardinian dishes. The mostcommonly grown grapes are the Boval, Vernaccia sarda, Cagnulari from Sassari, and the Cannonau, symbol of the region. Sardinia, is the second biggest island of Italy after Sicily.


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