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The cheeses from Emilia Romagna: tradition and culture are the fundamentals of the production of Emilian cheeses. Many cheeses from Emilia Romagna are well-known all over Italy and the world, one example is the Parmigiano Reggiano, aged at least for 24 months made by big and small cheese factories. The history of the cheese in Emilia Romagna goes back to the Middle Age when the cheeses, especially the Parmigiano Reggiano, were produced by cheesemakers who used to live in monasteries and castles. Emilia Romagna also produces soft cheeses such as the Squaquerone, excellent with the traditional bread Piadina Romagnola, and also the Robiola cheese from Castel San Giovanni. These cheeses are excellent paired with local wines such as the Lambrusco and the wines from Piacenza such as the Ortrugo. Try these wines also together with the traditional cured meat such as the culatello, coppa di Parma and Parma ham.

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