Wines from Veneto

Amarone, Lugana, Prosecco, Soave: Buy Online the Best Wines From Veneto

Veneto is a very important region in winemaking for Italy, perhaps one the most important. The wine produced in this region are some of the most well known and appreciated wines of the world wine scene, let's talk about Prosecco sparkling wines appreciated all over the world, in Valpolicella excellent world-famous wines are produced such as Amarone, Ripasso of Valpolicella and the Valpolicella Classico. On the western border of the Veneto region close Lombardy we find the Garda lake on great Lugana wine is produced. Between Valpolicella and the Prosecco wine area we find a very nice and favorable to viticulture area which produces a very famous wine called Soave. Veneto represents the excellence of Italian winemaking so important to both national and international scenario, pioneer region in the quest for quality.


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