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Italian pastry and its sweets are characterized by a complex interaction between history, environment and geography. Each Italian region boasts many traditional sweets, all different from each other. To know more about them, let's divide Italy in 3 different areas: north, centre and south. In the north of Italy the main ingredients for the traditional sweets are milk, butter, cream, honey, mixed berries, walnuts, hazelnuts and buckwheat. The most traditional sweets in this area are: marron glacé from Piedmont, strudel with pine nuts, cinnamon and apples from Trentino, panettone with raisins and candied fruit from Lombardy, tiramisù from Veneto and many more. In central Italy, pastry is rich in ricotta cheese, grape must, wheat and olive oil. The most typical Italian sweets from this area are: castagnaccio from Tuscany, schiacciata with grapes, biscuits with aniseed and ciambelle with must from Lazio, Sulmona comfits from Abruzzo and the cicerchiata from Molise. In the south of Italy, the traditional sweets are: babà and sfogliatelle with ricotta from Campania, cassata and cannoli from Sicily, sweet tarallo from Apulia, mostaccioli from Basilicata, fichi chini from Calabria and many more. Marmalades are a semi-solid compote made with citrus fruit and sugar, differing from jams, which are not made with citrus fruit but with other type of fruit. Foodexplore offers many Italian traditional sweets, jams and marmalades. Please find below our best prices and deals for italian sweet and jams.


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