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The extra-virgin olive oil is one of the Italian excellence, well known all over the world. Interest in Italian olive oil has been continously increasing and Foodexplore offers a wide selection in the online olive oil shop. Prices of the extra-virgin olive oil change according to the production year and quantity, but even in a good year the olive oil produced is never enough to satisfy the demand. This is one of the main reason why fraud is common in this field, where producers mix the extra-virgin olive oil with the normal olive oil. FoodExplore's suppliers are only high-quality producers in order to guarantee always an excellent and pure extra-virgin olive oil. Italy is one of those countries with the highest number of local cultivar of the Coratina variety. This variety is well-known for its peculiar spicy taste but for a long period it wasn't considered or appreciated by the general public . It has become more and more appreciated in the last few years. Other regions where olive oil is produced are SIcily, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Molise. Lately extra-virgin olive oil varieties from Nothern Italy have been gaining more and more attention. One example is the extra-virgin olive oil from the Garda Lake which is still only used by a small number of niche consumers due to the quantity produced and its peculiar taste.


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