Prodotti Tipici Calabresi e i Loro Sapori

Traditional Calabria Products

Calabria, a region in the south of Italy, is bounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lonian Sea. Calabria cuisine uses traditional Calabrian products with a strong and intense flavour. Homemade pasta, pork cured meat, most of them spicy, sauces with meat or seasonal vegetable and many other Calabrian traditional dishes enrich the Calabria cuisine. In the countryside excellent products are grown such as peppers, aubergine and tomatoes. Great cheeses come from mountainous areas like the Sila tableland, such as the Provola silana and the Caciocavallo silano.This is the land of cured meat and the most famous are the Soppressata Piccante, a spicy sausage and the 'Nduja, a traditional Calabrian product with the peculiar feature of being spreadable. Being bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Calabrian seafood cuisine is predominant along the coast. One of the most traditional Calabrian dishes is the Baccalà alla cosentina, dried salt cod with potatoes, black olives, peppers and tomatoes. It is also a land of great wines, such as the Cirò, Greco di Bianco and Bivoci rosso.


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