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In this baked goods category on, we explore a wide selection of delicacies, including pizza base, piadinas, focaccias, breadsticks, rusks and friselle. Discover how these crispy and delicious ingredients can elevate your culinary taste buds.

Pizza Base
The pizza base is the heart of every extraordinary homemade pizza. We will guide you through regional variations and preparation techniques to ensure a perfectly thin and crispy crust. From traditional Margherita to gourmet creations, experience the magic of creating your own unique pizza.

Piadinas are an Italian culinary treasure. With their unique flavour and incredible versatility, they are perfect for quick meals or tasty snacks. Find out how to prepare and fill them with a myriad of ingredients, from classic approaches to bold combinations that will please every palate.

Focacce, with their golden crust and soft interior texture, are a culinary experience in themselves. Explore the different regions of Italy to discover regional variations of this extraordinary bread. Learn how to prepare the perfect focaccia and create an irresistible flavour in the kitchen.

Grissini are crunchy appetisers that add a touch of elegance to any table. We reveal how to make them at home, customising them with herbs and spices. Ideal for accompanying cheeses and appetisers, these homemade breadsticks will be the centre of attention at any gathering.

Fette biscottate are a classic Italian breakfast. But they are much more than a simple accompaniment. Find out how to turn them into a healthy and tasty option to start the day. With creative combinations of jams and cheeses, turn your breakfast into a unique experience.

Friselle are the Apulian crostini that go perfectly with soups and salads. Let's delve into their preparation and discover how to use them in the kitchen to add a crunchy and tasty note to your favourite dishes.


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