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Puglia is one of the Italian regions with the oldest wine tradition, in fact the first traces of viticulture date back to 2000 BC. The Apulian viticulture is dominated by the cultivation of red grape varieties such as Negroamaro and Primitivo di Manduria for more but also "Nero di Troia", "Bombino Nero" and "Bombino Bianco". The most famous Puglia wines belonging to the most famous denominations are the Primitivo di Manduria wines that are known all over the world. The companies that produce famous Puglia wines that are present in our selection are Tormaresca, Pietra Pura, Torrevento. Some of these wineries are owned by families who own other winegrowing companies in other regions such as Tuscany that have decided to invest in Apulia, thus believing in the potentialities of this site that has changed the way of making viticulture from a viticulture of quantities to One of quality.


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