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Italian Salami is a cured meat obtained from the mixture of meat and fat with spices and wine which is then bagged and aged. The name derives from the operation of salting the meat before maturing. The meat used in the preparation of italian salami is traditionally pork but can also be goat, goose, donkey, deer and wild boar, while the used fat is almost exclusively pig fat for reasons of taste and preservation except for goose salami. In Italy there are many types of salami depending on the spices used in the mixture of meat with fat such as the Salame di Felino IGP, Salame Bresciano, Ciauscolo from Marche, Ventricina from Molise and their names depend on the components of the mixture , the type of casing used, or from the production area. Please find below our best prices and deals to buy Italian Salami online.


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