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Traditional Lombardy products: wines, oils, cheees, cured meat which are produced in very different territories in Lombardy thanks to the diverse environments. Among the most important products of Lombardy are the Bresaola di Valtellina, made with tasty and hard beef meat, Salami from Cremona, characterized by an unmistakable taste, amd the famous cotechino alla bergamasca, a peculiari boiled salami usually eaten in the winter season with potatoes or polenta. Talking about cheese, Bagoss is probably the most prestigious product. However it is impossible not to mention the Bitto della Valtellina or the Gorgonzola in its sweet and spicy versions to be consumed on ots own or as an ingredient in the many traditional Lombardy dishes. On the wine side, Lombardy offers authentic gems like the Spumante metodo classico Franciacorta, excellent white wines from Lugana on the Garda Lake and the incredible Nebbiolo della Valtellina. The territory of Lombardy is characterized by prominent mountain chains and the Po valley interspersed with morenic hills created by the melting of ice at the end of the last glacial era. Lombardy is considered the region with the most productive industrial activity in Italy, but it is also a territory extremely rich in food and wine excellences. Lombardy has an important agricultural tradition that spreads from the Alps to the last southern parts of the Po valley, just before the Apennines.


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