Tuscan salami

Tuscan Salami at Special Price

The Tuscan salami are among the most famous in the world, in fact in Tuscany production is handed down from generation to generation, from father to son. Tical Tuscan salami are among the best in Italy, the reason lies in the quality of the meat from which is obtained, for example, ham, Tuscan Ham is very salty and it is for this reason that is consumed with bland bread, other famous salamis are finocchiona, typical Tuscan salami with fennel seeds inside. Famous are also the meats of wild boar and deer which are produced with the most noble parts and seasoned for long time. There are numerous DOP that makesalami production in Tuscany quite unique, from ham to bacon, another delicacy to be enjoyed on warm bread. Foodexplore offers online Tuscan salami and wild boar meat, the finocchiona and seasoned pork cheek.

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