Scopri i Tesori Enologici del Collio DOC

I Produttori di Eccellenza: Jermann, Venica, Vie di Romans, Livio Felluga

The DOC Collio is an area which includes the border areas with Slovenia and Austria to the Adriatic Sea in the south. The Collio is an area of Friuli Venezia Giulia where the soil is made up of marl and sandstone of oceanic origin which is called Ponca, this type of soil has the characteristic to crumble if held in hands revealing small fossils. The Collio therefore has a very rich in minerals soil transmitted to musts and then to the wines giving freshness and unique flavor. Wineries such as Jermann, Venica, Vie di Romans, Livio Felluga have been able to make the most of their products which are appreciated all over the world.


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