Pasta di grano duro vendita online

Pasta di grano duro offerte speciali e vendita online

Durum wheat pasta buy online at special prices, buy online pasta, delivery in 48/72 hours. The durum wheat pasta must be produced only with ingredients like semolina durum wheat flour, water and no preservatives and coloring. The wheat flour is completely different from that of soft wheat, from which we get the 0 flour, 00, 1.2 ideal for bakery products; the difference is, over that from ear morphological point of view, in the breaking capacity and is less elastic, the amount of proteins especially by the greater quantity of gluten present in the dough of durum wheat. In Italy, where pasta tradition is strong, most of the pasta shapes are produced with durum wheat flour with a high protein content, so that the pasta is tasty and do not overcook. Pasta drying time during production is strongly important to have those characteristics, the longer this process the greater will be the maintenance of protein. The pasta selected by foodexplore like Maiella, Martelli and all the others, select the best grains, make use of pure water, and maintain a long drying, for a perfect pasta.

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