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Italian pasta is a traditional food in the Mediterrenean cuisine. It is made with semola and flour and nowadays it is cooked all over the world. The history of pasta goes back to 7000 years ago, when people became sedentary and started to grow wheat and to produce flour. Despite many legends which say that spaghetti was invented by the Chinese, pasta (more precisely maccheroni pasta) was actually invented in Sicily, in the town of Trabia. Today pasta is produced in many Italian regions; the most famous one is the IGP Gragnano area in the Campania region. The many regional cuisines differentiate from one another by the shape of the pasta they produce and use, which can be shorter or longer. The most well-known shapes are: trofie from Liguria, paccheri from Napael, spaghettifrom Sicily, bucatini from Lazio, tagliatelle from Emilia Romagna and Lombardy and many more. Recently consumers have become more and more interested in the different types of semolina and flours used to make Italian pasta. Today Foodexplore offers a great range of pasta online and for those who suffer from celiac diseas or for those who are curios to try different types of flours, such as the whole-wheat flour pasta, kamut pasta, corn flour pasta and many more, they are also available online. Foodexplore is always looking for small pasta producers who reflect the true expression of the Italian tradition and who use their local ingredients.



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