Franciacorta Wine

The Franciacorta is a Metodo Classico wine with second fermentation in the bottle that is named after its area of origin: the Franciacorta. This area goes from the Iseo Lake to the Pianura Padana and from the town of Brescia to the border with the Bergamo's area. The grape varieties used for the production of the Franciacorta are Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco. In order to be called Franciacorta, this wine has to refine in the bottle with the yeast for at least 18 months which carried out the second fermentation. The different types of Franciacorta distinguish themselves for the amount of sugar used for the disgorgement, that can go from 'Non Dosato' with 3g/L of sugar to the 'Demi-Sec' with 33-50 g/L. The producer who made the history of the Franciacorta is certainly Berlucchi, who in 1963 was the first one to produce this 'metodo classico' and today he is the main producer with over 5,000,000 bottles per year. It is also important to mention Bellavista, symbol of quality and excellence. Another incredible Franciacorta's producer is the famous Ca del Bosco, well-known all over the world. Barone Pizzini, on the other hand, was the first one to produce organic Franciacorta wines.



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