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is a wine made of 100% with the Nebbiolo grapes, this variety has always been cultivated in Piedmont where it founds his natural environment to express itself and produce great wines. Nebbiolo is an ancient vineyard, its name comes from its characteristic of being a very late ripening so it often happens to harvest Nebbiolo with foggy (in italian nebbia) weather. Barolo can be produced only in 11 small towns around the Langhe area, nearby the town of Barolo, and the vineyards in order to be regulated must have discrete characteristics starting from the plant's point of view and from the management of the vineyard and winemaking point of view. Barolo wine in order to be treated, has to be subjected to a minimum aging period of 38 months, of which 18 in wood, while the Barolo reserve 62 months of which 18 in wood. Barolo tastes different depending on the terroir where it is produced, confirming the sensitivity of the Nebbiolo towards the change of composition of the soil and the exposure that influences microclimate generating more structured and intense wines depending on the location. Precisely for this reason new additional geographical references have been added on labels to define the place, the vineyard, the terroir or the cru , to use French terms, in order to mark the indissoluble and strong bond that this wine has with its area of origin. find below our best prices and deals for Barolo wines.


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