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Vinegar is a product discovered and used since ancient times. It is mentioned in the Bible and also by the ancient Egyptian, Greeks and Romans. Vinegar has always been used not only as a seasoning but also as a degreaser, disinfectant and even as a drink. This was in ancient Rome where vinegar used to be watered down and the resulting drink was called Posca. Nowadays there are many kinds of vinegar, which is simply fermented must that have been attacked by bacterium's, which turn the ethanol into acetic acid. The most famous vinegar is the Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, which is released on the market after a long ageing in oak. There are also apple cider vinegar, often used for cooking, malt, classic wine, pear and honey vinegar and many more. Many high-quality vinegars are released after a very long ageing period in oak barrels of different size; each vinegar has different aromas but mainly the quantity of volatile acidity and compounds are different. Please find below our best prices and deals for italian aceto online.


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