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Piedmont wine is an icon. Piedmont is a territory of great red wines, no need to mention areas as Barolo and Barbaresco, that together with Tuscany wines today are perhaps the most known Italian wines in the world, but not only them, among Piedmont wines there is also Barbera, which is produced all around the region, well-known the one of Alba and Asti, the great sparkling wines of the Langa, Arneis of Roero and many other wines, above all they are produced with native grapes such as Freisa, patriarch of the Nebbiolo. In Piedmont vinicultural and oenological techniques are very advanced, concerning the area of Barolo and Barbaresco , but not only, every producer makes wines from single vineyards, the final product is a unique wine, an incomparable Cru that could only be born in a great territory as this one.

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