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Italy, land of the Spumante, the sparkling wine famous all over the world is made in Italy with the champenois methods. There are several highly suitable regions to make the spumante: from the Trento DOC wine from Trentino Alto Adige region where renowned wineries are located such as Ferrari, Cavit, Rotari and many more, to the Franciacorta area, chracterised by the presence of acclaimed wineries like Cà del Bosco, Bellavista and Berlucchi, and also small excellent producers of the 'metodo classico' wines. The most used grape varieties to make italian sparkling wine are Chardonnay and Pinot Nero, but also Pinot Bianco can be used, which can deliver acidity and freshness to the wines. Today there are numerous wineries in every region of Italy who produce a sparkling wine for many reasons; beside being a new trend today, producing a sparkling wine shows how suitable and excellent a land is for wine-growing and also prove the skills and ability of the experts, since a manic care and precision is needed to produce an outstanding Italian sparkling wine. In our online wine shop Foodexplore offers excellent Italian spumanti, perfect for any occasion.


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