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The Barbaresco DOCG is one of the most famous Italian wines in the world, produced in Piedmont, precisely only in the municipality of Barbaresco, Neive and Treiso. Barbaresco is a wine that comes from 100% Nebbiolo grapes and must be aged for at least 26 months of which at least 9 in barrels. This wine is born in the Langhe area and the hilly terrain is well exposed and perfectly suited to the cultivation of Nebbiolo, the soils are characterized by matrix white tuff and marl that provide proper nutrition to the plant, and together with the favorable climate contribute to the perfect maturation of the Nebbiolo year after year and allow wineries to produce fantastic Barbaresco wines. These hills covered with vineyards have been divided into vocational or cru units, small plots that give wine with different characteristics compared to another cru, for this on the Barbaresco wine labels appear names like Rabaja, Rabaja Bas, Roncaglie, Montefico, Montestefano, Asili etc ... that identify the micro-zone of origin of grapes from wich wine is produced. Please find below our best prices and deals for Barbaresco wines.


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