Burrata Pugliese: Un Tesoro Caseario da Scoprire Online

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Burrata is a typical cheese from Apulia made from cow's milk, the production area is the Itria valley between Bari and Brindisi; burrata cheese has a heart full of stracciatella which is nothing more than cream and mozzarella filaments. Burrata is one of the best known cheeses in the world, also used on gourmet pizzas. The burrata from Puglia is an explosion of taste, fresh burrata is recognizable because stracciatella starts escaping when burrata cheese is cut. Foodexplore is where to buy burrata cheese, this is shipped in special containers with PolarPads, special ice cubes to maintain temperature during shipment. Check out the burrata cheese, special price for you. Try our services the fresh product directly to your door is guaranteed.

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