FoodPoint are credits that are generated every time you perform an action on foodexplore.com, these credits accumulate and are linked to your account and when you reach certain thresholds you can use them to get discounts on your purchases on foodexplore.

Earn points and save money!


Let yourself be rewarded by the foodexplore loyalty programme

Sign up and join the programme now, every purchase you make will earn you points (FoodPoints) and save you money on your next purchases!


How can I earn FoodPoints?

When can I use my FoodPoints?


FoodPoints will be credited to you as soon as your order is delivered and can be used after 15 days of crediting (time for returns and refunds). The final crediting of FoodPoints will only be made on the condition that no order has been cancelled or modified. In the event of a cancellation or change of order, the points will be adjusted according to the amount refunded.

How can I redeem my FoodPoints?


For every 1000 points you are entitled to 10€. on your next order. You can decide not to use the points right away and accumulate up to 5000 points.

Do my FoodPoints expire?


Yes, FoodPoints expire if no purchase is made with the owner account in the time frame of 365 DAYS.

How can I check my FoodPoints balance?


In your private area under "Reward Points", you can also choose to set up email notifications by ticking the box and be notified of your balance and expiry date.