Martelli Spaghetti

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Martelli Spaghetti are a total handmade product from Italy. Martelli Spaghetti are bronze-drawn to give a rough texture to pasta allowing Spaghetti to well absorb sauces. Natural Drying process lasts for about 50 hours at 33-36°C so proteins are not burded.

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500 g 1 Kg

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Martelli Spaghetti

Martelli Spaghetti special prices. Italian quality pasta selected for you.

Martelli Spaghetti is a 100% handmade product from Tuscany in Italy, precisely in Lari near fantastic Pisa, all producing process is handmade from dough making till packing. Martelli Spaghetti are produced with selected italian high protein content wheat. Spaghetti are bronze-drawn so they have a rough texture to better absorb sauces and seasoning. Another quality element for this pasta is the natural drying that occurs at 32-36°C for 50 hours, that process preserves proteins from burning so Martelli Spaghetti will be more tasty and easy to cook.

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Size 500 g 1 Kg
Location Famiglia Martelli - Pastificio Artigianale Tradizionale Via dei Pastifici, 3, 56035 Lari PI


Martelli Spaghetti are great matched with italian tomato sauce of the tradition like Pomodoro del Piennolo sauces or tomato sauces by Quarto dei Greci.

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