Apricot jam Dal Fatourin

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The apricot jam by Dal Fatourin is made with organic apricot. During the production only natural and unrefined ingredients are used, such as the grape concentrate and the arrowroot, a healthy condenser.

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Apricots, grape concentrate, arrowroot
300 g

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Apricot jam Dal Fatourin

Apricot jam: selling Fatourin jams online

The Apricot jam by Dal Fatourin is made with freshly picked apricots which come from organic lands around the town of Rimini, in Emilia Romagna region. The jam is produced in small quantities because only apricots from a limited number of plants are selected and the yield can change from year to year. In order to keep their organoleptic and nutritive properties, the production of the jam starts a few hours after the apricot picking. No preservatives, colourants or artificial aromas are used for the jam, only grape concentrate is added.
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Size 300 g
ingredients Apricots, grape concentrate, arrowroot
How it's made The apricot jam by Da Fatourin is made with organic apricots and the whole production is handmade. Everything starts when Daniela and Antonio hand-pick the apricots, after having considered if the fruits have reached their perfect ripening level, that means neither too ripened or too green. The jam comes alive when the apricots are cooked at high temperatures, in order to preserve the colour and the nutrients of the fruit. The arrowroot is then added, a starch extracted from tropical plants, which works as a thickener and has many beneficial properties. Since they decided not to use sugar, grape concentrate is used as sweetener, another natural ingredient. The jams are packed and released on the market.
Storage Once opened, the jam needs to be stored in the fridge.


We suggest to enjoy the apricot jam spread on a slice of bread with butter, or to pair it with cheese, such as pecorino sardo and gorgonzola

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