Asparagus and truffle cream

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The asparagus and truffle sauce is made with asparagus and black summer truffle. It shows a delicate taste, ideal to use for the bruschetta.

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Asparagus, truffle, extra virgin olive oil
80 g

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Asparagus and truffle cream

The asparagus and truffle sauce is a healthy and tasty product, excellent with bruschetta and crostini.

The asparagus and truffle cream by Centro Tartufi Molise is a sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, asparagus and black summer truffle from Molise. It is a natural cream which preserves the authentic taste of its ingredients.The insides of the summer truffle, called gleba the Italian technical term, shows a hazel colour while the skin (or peridio) is brownish-black. Its aromas are delicate with mushroom notes and its taste is aromatic, similar to the porcini mushrooms." "
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How it's made The truffle cream and the asparagus is composed of summer truffle, so named because the vesting period is during the months between the end of May and the end of August. The 80% of the product consists of italian asparagus.
Size 80 g
Location Prodotto in Italia
Storage Once opened, the cream needs to be stored in the fridge.
ingredients Asparagus, truffle, extra virgin olive oil


The asparagus and truffle cream is excellent with warm bruschetta and crostini.

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