Mozzarella con latte di Bufala Caseificio Pugliese

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Mozzarella with buffalo milk shows its classic spheroidal or plait-shape; its texture is elastic and homogeneous, its surface is pearl-white and smooth with a thin rind. Exclusively produced with whole buffalo's milk, the buffalo mozzarella represents one of the finest high-quality Italian products.
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250g 500g

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Mozzarella con latte di Bufala Caseificio Pugliese

Mozzarella with buffalo milk: selling the fresh buffalo mozzarellas by Caseificio Pugliese online.

The Mozzarella with buffalo milk is a pasta filata cheese (stretched texture) made exclusively with whole buffalo milk. The word mozzarella comes from the process of 'mozzatura' (cutting-off), used to cut the curd in smaller parts. The buffalo mozzarella is famous for its delicate and incredible tasty flavour, and it is not a coincidence that it is called 'white gold' or 'pearl of the table'.

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Size 250g 500g
Storage Refrigerated temperature controlled; remove from the refrigerator a few hours before serving. Store it in its preservation liquid
Location Prodotto in Italia
Allergens LATTE
Milk Bufala
Aging Fresh
How it's made The milk used for the production of the buffalo mozzarella comes exclusively from buffalo cattles and it is brought to the cheese-factory within 12-16 hours after the milking, where it is filtered in order to remove the impurities left in the milk. Afterwards the buffalo milk is coagulated by adding milk rennet by heating the milk itself at room temperature. The production of the buffalo mozzarella is carried out using a wooden stick, the milling takes place and the curd is divided into pieces and then left to drain and acidify for about 8 hours. During the stretching of the cheese, the cheese-maker pays great attention and care to make the texture is smooth as this is the process will impact on the final product. Finally the mozzarella assumes its shape which can be the classic one or the trait-shape which requires great skill and experience by the cheese-makers. Salting then takes place where the cheese is laid in salt pans giving the cheese its pleasant and unique taste.
cheese typology string cheese
Type of milk cow's milk


The Mozzarella with buffalo milk does not need to be enjoyed in an elaborate way; it can be served on one plate, thinly sliced showing its simplicity and excellence in a unique dish. Add some good extra virgin olive oil, some fresh basil and sweet cherry tomatoes to fully enjoy this amazing cheese. The Mozzarella with buffalo milk goes perfectly with local wines from Campania, both red and white, which accompany the milk flavour excellently creating a unique and intense flavour in the mouth.

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Technical Identity
cheese typology
string cheese
Type of milk
cow's milk
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