Treccia di Bufala Campana DOP

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The treccia di bufala shows an elastic texture and a white colour and it is famous for its delicate and sweet taste. It is stringier than the classic buffalo mozzarella, even if its properties are unchanged.
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Treccia di Bufala Campana DOP

Trecce di bufala: selling the fresh treccia di bufala by Caseificio Pugliese online.

The treccia, exactly like the buffalo mozzarella, is a pasta filata cheese (stretched texture) made exclusively with whole buffalo milk. The name comes from an old word: 'mozza', which means to cut in small parts the curd. The treccia is an healthy product rich in proteins and have a small amount of fat. It shows a pearl white colour and its texture is stringier than the mozzarella. The treccia (that literally means 'plait') comes from the plaiting of the mozzarella curd.
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Size 250g 1 Kg 3 Kg
Storage Refrigerated temperature controlled; remove from the refrigerator a few hours before serving. Store it in its preservation liquid
Location Prodotto in Italia
Allergens LATTE
Milk Bufala
Aging Fresh
How it's made To make the treccia, the same production process of the mozzarella is used. The only difference is in the plaiting of the cheese, which it is named after. The main phases are the following: -Filtering of the buffalo milk; -Coagulation of the buffalo milk; -Milling and ageing of the curd; -Stretching; -Shaping of the mozzarella; -Salting.
cheese typology string cheese
Type of milk cow's milk


We suggest to taste the buffalo treccia when it is fresh and to serve it on a plate by itself, in its beautiful simplicity. Differently from the mozzarella, the treccia has a longer life as it is less delicate. The treccia di bufala can be paired with wines from Campania, both red and white, that have intense and natural flavours.

Technical Identity
cheese typology
string cheese
Type of milk
cow's milk
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