Cà del Bosco Franciacorta Cuveè Prestige Rosè

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Ca del Bosco Cuvée Prestige Rosé is a rosé wine with an extremely fine and elegant perlage, with a complex bouquet ranging from peony to rose to small red fruits. In the mouth, it is fresh and elegant, with a subtle effervescence that confirms the fruity memories, making it an excellent Franciacorta to enjoy on different occasions. Its distinctive characteristics make it ideal to pair with fish dishes, fresh cheeses and light dishes, helping to enhance the flavors and making each meal a unique and unforgettable experience.

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0,75 L
vine variety
Pinot Nero 80% Chardonnay 20%

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Cà del Bosco Franciacorta Cuveè Prestige Rosè

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Cà del Bosco Franciacorta Cuveè Prestige Rosè is a wine that celebrates the robustness and authenticity of Pinot Noir, the emblem of the Cà del Bosco method. This method, implemented from grape harvest to bottling, is a true journey of care and precision. The grapes, hand-picked in August, are immediately refrigerated, thus preserving the rich aromatic heritage from high temperatures. A thorough washing of the grapes then follows, followed by soaking in special tanks and passing through a drying tunnel, all in the absence of oxygen. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir follow different processing routes: one through classic white vinification, the other going through a 24/36-hour maceration in steel containers, which gives it its unmistakable tone. In April, once the stability of the sparkling bases is achieved, the blending of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay begins, followed by a search for taste-olfactory balance. This process is facilitated by Cà del Bosco's patented machinery, which avoids oxygen contact with the wine, thus preventing oxidative shock. This is followed by the addition of yeast and sugar for refermentation in the bottle. The wine then rests for a minimum of 30 months before being disgorged, dressed and marketed. The end result is a Cà del Bosco rosé that perfectly captures the essence of Pinot Noir.
More Information
Aging In bottiglia per 30 mesi.
Storage To be stored at 16-18°C
Alcohol 12,5%
wine appellation Franciacorta DOCG
Location Prodotto in Italia
Allergens Contains Sulfites
vine variety Pinot Nero 80% Chardonnay 20%
Terroir Ca del Bosco cuveè Annamaria Clementi 2006 è una selezione di 15 vigne a Chardonnay, dall'età media di 34 anni, ubicate nei Comuni di Erbusco, Adro, Corte Franca, Iseo e Passirano, 2 vigne a Pinot Bianco, dall'età media di 23 anni, ubicate nel Comune di Passirano e 8 vigne a Pinot Nero, dall'età media di 29 anni, ubicate nei Comuni di Erbusco, Iseo e Passirano. I vigneti si trovano nei posti più vocati della Franciacorta con dei microclimi particolarmente favorevoli alla produzione di basi spumanti, i suoli sono poveri, morenici e tendenzialmente calcareo argillosi. La forma di allevamento utilizzata è la controspalliera con potatura a guyot, la resa di uva per ettaro di vigneto è di 72 q e la densità di impianto media è di 5000 piante/Ha.
Size 0,75 L


Ca del Bosco Cuveè Prestige Rose is a wine that can be enjoyed throughout the meal, from starters to seafood mains, even spiced dishes. The elegance, freshness and the fine bubbles make this wine incredibly suitable for pairing with aged cheeses, such as 3'-month Parmigiano Reggiano and also traditional cured meat.

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