Capocollo Piccante Mena

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The Capocollo is a type of cured meat that is produced using the part of the pig between the loin and the filet. It shows a light red colour. Its taste is intense and its aromas are delicate.

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0.8 Kg ca

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Capocollo Piccante Mena

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The Capocollo di Calabria is a very traditional product of the region, famous for its spicy version. The peculiarity of the Capocollo di Calabria is the use of pepper preserves during the seasoning of the meat and before the curing, which gives a unique taste to this product.
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meat Suino
Size 0.8 Kg ca
Location Prodotto in Italia
How it's made For the production of the Capocollo di Calabria the upper part of the pork loin is used. Only pigs born and bred in Calabria are used. Before being treated, the loin usually weighs between 3.5 and 4.5 kg. The meat is first deboned and then salting is carried out between 4 to 8 days depending on the type of final product they want to create. After this period of time, the meat is washed, dried and sprinkled with wine vinegar before being seasoned with spices. The seasoning of the Capocollo di Calabria is a very important phase because that is what gives the cured meat its peculiar character. The team of the Salumificio Mena uses the Calabrian pepper preserve, in addition to peppercorn, in order to give a spicy taste to the cured meat. Afterwards the Capocollo is put in the pork casing, which is pierced and tied firmly with wooden canes which give the meat its tapered shape. It is then cured in aired rooms for about 15 days.
Storage To be stored in a cool and dry place. To be covered with a cloth on the sliced side.
Aging Short
Salami type Salami
Type of meat Pork
Average expiry date 6 months


The Capocollo di Calabria is perfect as an aperitivo or as a starter. We suggest to pair it with red wines with a medium-body and acidity.

Technical Identity
Average expiry date
6 months
Salami type
Type of meat
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